Are you interested in joining the HYSTERIA collective? Do you want to take an active stand for hysteric feminism? We are interested in working with people from all over the world. 

We are currently specifically looking for

  • events coordinators to put on HYSTERIA events around the world - specifically launch events for our next issue of the periodical. 

But we're interested in hearing from anyone who agrees with our manifesto and wants to join a collective of hysteric feminists. 

Fill out the form below and someone within the collective will contact you with more information. 


Ariane Poisson - editorial and communication
Caroline Forde - editorial
Emily Louise - design and creative
Jake Lange - communication
Katarina Strasser - editorial and communication
Madeleine Stack - editorial
Malise Rosbech - editor and communication
Maryam Ala Amjadi - editorial
Mette Christiansen - communication and distribution
Patri Prieto - editor and communication
Rakel Stammer - editorial
Sohini Chatterjee - editorial
Taylor Edin - distribution


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