Dissect, Purify by Zsofia Jakab

Pomegranates, the ancient fruits are like the heart; they take and take and take until they burst, the heavy seeds like blood vessels, filled with pink, sweet, liquid against the cold steel blade. They pop out of their protective shell, they are now teeth, all scattered around. They stain fingertips,  like memories, they aren’t easy to wash off of yourself. Pomegranates cut into halves are like lobes of lungs, they breathe in and breathe out, but there are remnants, stuck onto the walls, they cannot come out. They need to be surgically removed. When you are looking for parasites, you have to be careful. You dissect the heart to take out the parts that don't belong there. You have the strength to perform your own open heart surgery. Set the remnants on fire - it purifies, and you can grow a new one from the ashes.

Zsofia Jakab is a Hungrian interdisciplinary artist, currently based in Scotland. She's mainly interested in exploring the opposites of beauty and  terror, earthly / bodily and the ethereal; as well as the in-between states and metamorphosis through different materials. 

Portfolio: www.cargocollective.com/melankolia