Glass Ceiling


Image by Ella Jax

Image by Ella Jax

We stand on the shoulders of women.
Women who cracked, splintered and broke the glass ceiling.
Women who cast their heels off and attacked the patriarchy with stiletto points.

Now, as we heave each other through the trapdoor of their making,
We are kicked,
Left to spill backwards.

Yet still, we climb.

That trapdoor being nailed down,
The hole in the glass replaced with a fresh shiny pane.
Our cuts have not healed from fighting through shattered glass, and now we must begin again.

Like our Mothers before,
We slip off our heels.
Unlace our trainers.
Unzip our boots.

We will kick and scream towards a world where presidents won’t “grab us by the pussy,”
Where sexual abusers are not rewarded with Oscars.

We are not done.
We are not defeated.
We will not be complacent.
We will not be compliant.

This is our time.

We’ll tear this patriarchy a new one,
And we’ll start with the glass.