HYSTERIA Statement in Response to Trump’s Win in the US 2016 Election

Photography by Agata Cardoso

Photography by Agata Cardoso

HYSTERIA stands against the American leadership of today. We stand against a system that does not produce viable alternatives. That said, today incurred a change.  We are now encountering the apparent and unabashed embodiment of already existing mortal structures becoming explicit. Instead of a subtle liberal politics of selective inclusion we witness a visibilization and forefronting of capitalist white supremacist racist sexism and the overt stigmatization of all non-white-cis-hetero-male bodies. Yes, today, we mourn. Today, we are speechless. And today we are acutely aware of who will be specifically targeted.

Our collective gatherings are the only way out of this mess. Organize. Organize activism with other groups. Start where you can, in your neighborhoods and communities. Ask for help. Work together. Find allyship. Know your government. Fight your government. Put faces to the names of people in political authority. Be specific and engaged. Start with individual relationship. Do not be afraid. Read and research. Exchange information. Codify your vision. Find safety in and for each other. Defend each other. There is much to do.

HYSTERIA is here.