I’m sitting next to him. I’m capturing the moment. He’s sniffing at my fingers.
He says: Would you like to come over?
I say: Yes, yes, yes.

He is making breakfast. Oh, he is making breakfast. Just for once. I’m reading a
newspaper. Oh, we are so normal.
He says: Hahaha
I say: Hehehe

He is making dinner. We are too normal. I buy him a present. I’m telling him a
story. We drink margaritas. We don’t talk about politics. He thinks I’m a feminist.
He doesn’t care. He is texting me. I’m texting him. We spend evenings together.
In the mornings he says: I’ll call you later.
I say: Such a lovely weather!
He says: Lovely shoes! I say: Fancy seeing you again!
He says: Yes, sure, tomorrow… Sorry, sorry, I’m diving.
He speaks my language. I speak his language. We don’t understand each other.

He is driving me home in his pajamas. I’m eating candies.
He says: Just without drama, please.
I say: I’m an actress, I’ve got to make some drama sometimes.
He says: No drama.

He says: Happy New Year.
I don’t say anything.

He says: You have an amazing body.
I say: It’s all yours.

I say: I miss you.
He says: Are you drunk?

He says: Are you still around?
I say: Happy Chinese New Year.

He says: I tried to stay.
I say: I tried to leave.
He says: Without serious conversation.
I say: I tried to stay. He says: I tried to leave.

I say: Let’s get introduced again. I’m Katarina.
He says: I’m Scott.
I say: You think that I didn’t notice that.*

We are on a rollercoaster. I am puking all day long. I am so happy. I’m not happy
at all. We don’t talk too much. Our bodies talk instead of us. I can’t breathe.

He says: Which Katerina? I say: You will never find out.


*meaning of Serbian word Scott (skot) is asshole


Artwork © [CENDRES LAVY]