The woman who loves you

Knows how to make love

She is neither noble nor a prostitute

She is in love!




When the tree ends in smoke

do not plant anything in me

Only the blade of grass is sheltered

from the rape of the axe

Even if you come like the wind

the pasture sleeps with you

and never breaks




My prophet is a god in whose eyes

satan is baptized in wine

and in her awe

idols observe forty days of silence

From her sorrow

the rose garden sets itself on fire

My prophet is a god who dies but does not kill

she knows I have died inside her

long before death




Even before I can kiss you

a bomb explodes in my nightly prayers

Even before I can pour my weeping on your shoulders

a mine bursts into the crawling of a soldier

Even before I caress you

someone commits suicide in the laughter of children

Even before I can shelter my childhood in your arms

the call of war takes you away from me

Even before I can dream about you

a wounded nightmare clots in your barricade


There is no time

let’s change the channel

I want to kiss you

From the blood of a lover’s hymen

to the birth of a tombstone in a cemetery of blood

I want to kiss you




I have drawn on my lips in crimson

all the red lines of the world

All the stones are bloodied from my rebellion

you too, go on and aim all your bullets at the sky!

I love empty guns

The rain comes and washes away all those trenches

barbed wires grow red flowers

and I stamp a kiss on the forehead of every runaway soldier

The globe of home revolves lovingly in my body


Translated from Farsi by Maryam Ala Amjadi


Artwork © Mehri Rahmani