Before I write anything, let me explain this phrase to you. It means “I’m not trying to come for you or offend you, but this is what it’s really like.”

In the recent past, I have received drama from people who used to be close to me.  There was an instance when a friend accused me of not spending time with her. I had tried to explain that I was caught up with work. Well, she didn’t even give me a chance to explain and said that the friendship is over.

At times, I wonder why people do drama in real life. Does it give them joy or adrenaline rush? You may wonder why I am stating this instance. Well, at times, being dramatic is best suited on a stage and not in real life.

My focus lies on being a great entertainer in this world. I am an upcoming drag performer who lives in Bangalore, India. The struggle that I went through as a performer is immense. I had to invest on time, money and energy to be the performer that I am today.

I prefer to keep drama on stage and not in real life. As a performer, I love to go crazy on stage. I love to do storytelling, sing songs, dance till I drop and most importantly, make the audience feel that they are having an amazing time. When I see people in real life do drama in front of me, I become aloof and ignorant about the baseless statements that they are trying to throw at me. You are more than welcome to do drama on stage with me. However, I won’t encourage the drama in real life.

I can sense what drama is on stage and drama in real life. This is because; I have been in theatre for more than five years. I can clearly see the difference and make the appropriate decisions in order to keep it separate. When, I get on to stage, I am completely into my character and that’s how I act on stage. When, I am off stage, I remove everything that leads to being in that character. That’s how I keep them separated. It’s one of the best qualities of being a performer and it works thankfully.

There are ups and downs in this life. The joy of living your character and having fans is so immense and a dream comes true. It’s an honor when a fan calls you a legend and a friend gives a remark of being authentic. At the same time, the post depression after a show sucks and time taken to wait for another opportunity is something that I have learnt to deal with. However, this is a part and parcel of life.

I have been nice to you. It may be because you were an important part of my life. And, that’s how I treat people. But in case, you treat me like shit or accuse me of doing something I haven’t done. You are out of the window and don’t expect me to be a doormat.

And, I don’t have the time for drama in my life especially when it comes to petty accusations. Nowadays, people make accusations on rumors, not realizing that they will be losing out on a friend when you accuse them. Probably give them a benefit of doubt and then, arrive to a good judgment would be better way to deal with. Anyway, that shows how mature you are.

Now, there are several instances where people have walked into my life and stayed like pests sucking the life out of me. Whenever, I get that notion, I immediately treat it as an alarming situation in my life. You may think it is immature or silly. That’s how I roll in my life.

And to people who I have chucked out of the window – No Tea, No shade to you honey.