the opening between my legs
is a wound
it took me years to break through
cemented “shall not”-s

I ran ran ran
without looking back
but I am carrying
with me the name
you gave me
I will not rename myself
we will not rename ourselves
but will love what you hate the most
I will love what you hid from me for so long

we are all whores!
I am a whore!
you cannot abuse me with those words anymore
because I love love love
everything you hate
your hate words
are compliments from now on

call me a whore
and I will just laugh
call me a whore
and I will just love myself
even more

the opening between my lips
is a wound
words flow out from my mouth
like blood
and you would not know that
speaking sometimes can leave scars
but listen
I am still bleeding these thoughts out

but listen
it is your world that is fucked up
and I will not stop spitting this blood
in your face

my body is an opening
of this wounded world
so healing
is not what I need alone
so healing is not what I
can do alone

Malise RosbechComment