Love me, otherwise I kill you!

We run naked through the furrows of wheat fields, while feeding the soil of our womb.
The fissure overflows blood which generates life.
Oh Supreme Good, pour out yourself innocently without the need to invoke you.
Tragic body, omnipotent dream, creative force, secret nostalgia, warm and impetuous blood which overflow between the legs, and each drop of love contaminates everything.


Aime-moi, ou je te tue!


Nous courons nues dans les sillons des champs de blé, nourrissant la terre de nos ventres.

La fente ruisselle du sang qui génère la vie.

Oh bien suprême, surgis innocemment sans te laisser invoquer.

Corps tragique, rêve tout-puissant, force créatrice, secrète nostalgie, ardent et impétueux affleure entre les jambes, et chaque goutte contamine tout d’amour.

This work is part of the project Hic est sanguis meus, an investigation of the female identity and more exactly of the blood of women, without taboos, with a completely unlimited scope.

The collective Hic est sanguis emus, born in Paris in 2013, consists of 50 artists: French, Italian, English, Spanish, Mexican, Bolivian, Colombian, aged from 20 to 70 years, men and women in equal proportions, all interested in exploring the theme of menstrual blood.

The first presentation of their investigation took place in Paris in August 2014 and the second presentation took place in Rome in December 2014.

We enlist artists continuously for thoroughly exploring this subject. Join us!




Facebook: hic est sanguis meus


Concept: Paola Daniele and Tommy Muto

Photographer: Tommy Muto