Welcome to the United States. Your phone, that has synced your bank account information, medical records, personal contacts, email, social media apps, and nude selfies into a singular device is subject to confiscation upon entering the country. Here, it is commonplace for residents and workers to stop everything that they are doing to watch videos of cute animals and grown men in spandex tackle one another and score what is known as a “touchdown”. All other interruptions to productivity and obedience (ie: daydreaming; stopping to engage in active listening with a friend, family member, coworker, or stranger; questioning powers, privileges, inequalities, and histories, etc.) are deemed dangerous and threatening to the State and are punishable by law. While the United States remains the only country in the history of the universe to drop a nuclear bomb and also has the highest incarceration rate in the world, our country offers award-winning wealth inequalities and defunded, broken education systems that we hope you and your family will have hope in. Again, welcome to the United States. Please mind the drones as you pass through your last checkpoint.


Artwork © William Lukas