telling about that
            is not like coming out
but it is in small ways
when your friends laugh around the doubts...

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Your reality is broken

Running from 2-26 February 2017, the ‘Festival of Abstracted, Ritualized and Embodied Live Art’ promises to bring ‘happenings, workshops, performances, live music and films’, exploring ‘perception: altered states, visual illusions and hallucinations, dogmatic thinking…’ HYSTERIA spoke to co-curator Nwando Ebizie ( ahead of the ritualistic Opening Ceremony.

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When discussing the basis for this paper as a group we had trouble working through the problem of the ‘surface-level’ understandings of feminism, present meanings which barely skim the problems faced by many different groups of women and non-binary people today.  

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Shaver du? Waxer du? Det gør de fleste. Det gør jeg selv, selvom jeg er selverklæret feminist. Hårfobien ses over alt: i middelalderlige fantasyserier og apokalyptiske fremtidsfilm er kvindernes armhuler bare.

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Interview with a hysteric

Oh well, apart from the most side of things, which I always find so hard as definitives are too absolute for me, I'd say my most hysterical moment repeats itself every now and then. It is usually framed by a social situation both awkward and comfortable enough

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I met the Teacher three years ago on a street in central Bucharest where she was trying to attract customers. Some of my friends lived on the same street and one evening they had a party with loud music, which led the neighbours to call the police.

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« C’est sale ici », nous dit Gloria. J’entends Romain, à nos côtés, sourire de la remarque. Le sourire d’un gars convaincu que si l’on veut parvenir à ce que des individus s’autogèrent, il faut laisser exister ce désordre jusqu’à ce qu’ils s’en saisissent. 

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Walking into the theatre, I knew that there would be no separation between performers and audience. As people came in not knowing where to stand, sticking to the edge of the room, the performers were dancing, dotted around the space.

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The danger I’m seeking everyday undoes me in literal forms. Everything is false. I don’t know where I am or if I’m alive. My insides start concealing followed by an oppressive emptiness; some sort of machine keeps me alive, pumping air into me.

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