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HYSTERIA is a collective

HYSTERIA is a periodical

HYSTERIA is feminist activism



HYSTERIA collective is made up of members from around the world. We produce a periodical annually and host feminist events internationally. HYSTERIA collaborates with other radical organisations and activists and engages with activisms that resonate with our manifesto. All our members currently work on a volunteer basis and we are continuously looking for dedicated feminists to join our group and help us further the hysterical cause.

As HYSTERIA is ever-growing and remains open to new directions, ideas and approaches, neither the collective nor the publication fulfils a static position, nor does it embody an easily defined role. However, we insist on keeping HYSTERIA at a critical distance to the uncritical mainstream and for this reason ask that all members base their work with HYSTERIA on our Manifesto and according to our constitution.

Launched in the summer of 2013 by a group of students from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London,  HYSTERIA aims to be a platform for radical creative discourse about feminism encompassing poetry, text and visual arts. For us radicalism means countering a feminist mainstream, positioning feminism outside of the norm. It means redefining, going further, never settling. Radicalism requires an ongoing counter to liberalism and a strong class-critique.

Most importantly, radical feminisms insist on plurality within activism and acknowledge diversity of lived experiences. Our radicalism challenges hegemonic notions of ‘common sense’. Our radical feminisms challenge all binaries and we thus welcome contributions and members that do not define themselves within gendered as well as other embodied binaries.


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